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English for Cheesemongers: a course for French-speaking cheesemongers from the CFPL

Dou iou ouante tu speke ingliish? Anglais du Fromager: Learn from an American cheese professional! A distance, chez vous! 4 sessions à partir du 26 Octobre….n’hésitez pas!

26 Oct; 2,9,16 Nov 2020.

English for cheesemongers, via the Centre de formation des produits laitiers, is an 8-hour course for french cheesemongers wishing to improve their level of English. It concentrates on practical phrases, pronunciation, context-specific vocabulary, and cultural understanding.


The level one program is being offered ONLINE only. The dates are 26 Oct, 2,9,16 Nov 2020.

Level two candidates must be interviewed to assess their fluency level.

The program will emphasize practice speaking and conversing, with correction, rather than lectures. The objective is for the cheesemonger to feel at ease speaking with their customers in English.

Applications via the CFPL can be accessed here: http://www.fromagersdefrance.com/se-former/nous-contacter