Corporate One-Day Intensive Training

Similar to the corporate training series, this is a one-day intensive program, framing sensory analysis training by family of cheese, and alternating with background understanding and skills training.

It’s an intensive day, fast-paced, for highly motivated teams. Best with a small group so that questions may be answered while remaining on schedule.

Training objectives

  • Deepened sensory analysis skills
  • Understanding the families of cheese via make styles and comparative tasting
  • Consultative and cross-selling practice based on product knowledge, sensory analysis training, and understanding of families of cheese via make styles.


  • Theory:
    • Powerpoints and explanation of principles and best practices in each topic area listed below
  • Practical:
    • Multiple vertical tastings to enhance sensory analysis skills, reinforce product knowledge, and contextualize products for better cross-selling
    • Role-Playing of sales to develop concise and precise vocabulary to describe cheeses effectively to customers, and to practice introducing clients to a new cheese similar to a familiar favorite.
    • Practical exercises such as wrapping cheese, establishing tasting order to enhance skills needed on a daily basis when working with customers.

Client provides meeting room, A/V, break food, organize meal options, and where possible provide cheese for tastings.

Makers & Mongers will provide computer, powerpoints, and printed handouts/worksheets.

One day program incorporating the following elements:

If necessary, Makers & Mongers can provide cheese, to be billed additionally.