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In celebration of International Raw Milk Appreciation Day 2021, Carlos Yescas interviewed Sue & Arnaud Sperat-Czar on their work to promote cheese biodiversity.
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Cutting the Curd:

The Fédération des Fromagers de France, the association that governs cheese retailers in the hexagon, features American Cheese! There has been a gradual increase in interest in American artisanal cheeses in France for the past few years. The text (in French) is based on presentations Sue gave in Paris and Lyon. https://www.fromagersdefrance.com/actualites/fromage-americain/

Video for Profession Fromager magazine

Russian-French cheesemonger Galina Danard interviewed Sue
in July 2020 for her YouTube podcast series,
Cheese Concept

I  worked with Susan,  participating at two Mons Formation training courses, and am impressed by her highly professional preparation. In the months following our meeting I came to appreciate her knowledge and huge network she has in the cheese business worldwide. She is beloved and respected by all the people I met.

 I think Susan has as great a depth of knowledge and ability to communicate about cheese of anyone I have met in this business.

I took advantage of her approach to create business relationships with other people. Thanks to her I improved my knowledge  and I met more than 50 new people involved in the cheese business, giving me an opportunity to expand my relationships and increase my cheese sales.

She is passionate and open minded, always with an answer or in contact with somebody that knows the answer. I am happy to have had business with her and we will continue to collaborate in many forms in the future.

I know Susan will be able to help me with future challenges that I will face with my company. 

Fausto Caserio
Italian Food Hunters, Italy

Blog post from Cheese and Wine HK (Hong Kong)
Talking Cheese in Asia: Who is Susan Sturman?

You, as a teacher and group leader, were professional, helpful and patient with my endless list of questions; the arrangements were excellent and your willingness to provide assistance with every possible query was remarkable and hugely appreciated.

Hugh Nicholas
Cheese etc, Australia

Article from Le Courrier du Fromager
(Fédération des Fromagers de France magazine) #296, 2019
Le Métier de Crémier-Fromager vu par une Américaine

I just wanted to say thanks again for another great program. I experienced Paris in a new way, saw places I’d never see or discover on my own, and learned so much about French cheese and the business and traditions surrounding it. Not to mention, meeting some great people and building community the only way Academie Mons can!

Mary Connolly
Marie Fromag

Opened my first wheel of Colston Bassett Stilton at the shop yesterday and thought of you and everything I learned in your London course. Still one of the best 4 days and educational experiences I’ve ever had!!

Agatha Kishchenko
Belle Cheese, Brooklyn, NY

Profile for American Cheese Society by Marcella Wright
(blog, Marcella the Cheesemonger) 2015
Meet Sue Sturman, ACS Board of Directors and Director, Academie Opus Caseus

This trip to London surpassed my expectations. The four days were packed with being welcomed at cheese retailers, cheesemongers, cheese wholesalers, cheese manufacturers and by restauranteurs all excited to share their love for cheese with us. Sue Sturman put together an outstanding group of cheese related businesses for us to experience.

Mark Edwards
DPI Specialty Foods

Profile in Gastrognomes
(blog on Good Food Jobs) 2012
Susan Sturman

This trip to France gave me a new perspective. The 4 days that the Academie schooled me made me better, and more rounded, as the owner of a cheese shop. I soaked up the experience and there are things that I’ve changed since I got back.

I’ve been to the aging rooms in Wisconsin, Vermont and even in Italy. But in France it is very special. I really loved hearing the history. Seeing the variety of cheeses, soft and bloomy, hard and semi-hard. Knowing they are being watched. Tasting. Learning new verbiage to describe the smells, colors and taste of cheese.

Being involved in cheese is a passion fueled by knowledge and understanding. The smell of the caves. The taste of the forbidden. The French cheese story may be changing but it is as strong as it gets.

Kathleen Riegler
Owner, The Cheese Lady