Japan Cheese Tour

Malory Lane, an American who loves the expat life (she’s lived in Israel, Australia, Japan and the Netherlands, among other places…), especially as it has allowed her to discover cheese.

Inspired by the new wave of small artisan cheesemaking in Japan, Malory has created the Japan Cheese Co, with the purpose of exporting Japanese artisan cheese, and offering discovery tours of Japan’s cheesemakers.

Her tour is based on the Insider’s tours created by Makers & Mongers founder Sue Sturman, and in fact Malory is an alumna of multiple programs that Sue ran at Mons Formation.

Aki Sakagami (Japan Cheese Professional Association and Mons Formation), Malory Lane (Japan Cheese Co) and Sue Sturman (Makers & Mongers) at the ACS conference in Richmond, Virginia,, 2019)

The Japan Cheese Tours are NOT run by Makers & Mongers but since we are all about Connecting Cheese Professionals, we wanted to make sure that the Japan Cheese Tour was also brought to your attention.

(Malory’s Japan Cheese Tour Video here, with embedded link to the page)