Sample Corporate series

Train Gourmet department staff in:

  • Sensory analysis
  • Understanding of cheese: what it is, how it is made, and how it can be used by the customer
  • How to evaluate and care for cheese
  • Proper cutting and wrapping techniques
  • HACCP and best sanitation practices
  • Customer interaction: how to sell cheese


  • Weekly three-hour sessions in company meeting room
  • Each session to include:
    • Sensory analysis practice
    • Instruction and discussion (see Topics, below)
    • Review of homework, sharing reflections, responding to questions


  • Session 1: Introduction to sensory analysis, from grass to milk
  • Session 2: Preparation of milk for cheesemaking: heat treatments, physical treatments, milk maturation, inoculation and renneting
  • Session 3: Cheesemaking techniques and the families of cheese
  • Session 4: Cheese labeling and quality indicators, sourcing cheese
  • Session 5: Notions of affinage
  • Session 6: Discussing cheese
  • Session 7: Case setting: principles and analysis
  • Session 8: Cutting and wrapping
  • Session 9: HACCP and sanitation protocols

Homework assignments:

  • Each week participants will be asked to keep a journal of their cheese work, answering the following questions:
    • How has what we covered in the previous session(s) been of practical use to you in your work?
    • What have you discovered that you do NOT know?
    • ‘Sell’ one cheese from the store’s stock to the group (one person per session)
  • In addition, occasional homework may include assignments such as:
    • Research and present your company’s procedures or protocols in the cheese department (e.g., receiving, unpacking, sanitation, triage, returns/recalls, inventory management, margin calculation) (one person per session to present)
    • Research a cheese in the case: history & origins, milk source, make technology, awards/quality indicators, shelf life, in-store care, at-home applications, and the distribution route the cheese took to arrive at your store.
  • Occasional tests or quizzes may be given. These will be corrected in class, together.


  • Incentivize cheese department staff through
    • Skill development
    • Pride in quality and service
    • Colleague and customer recognition
    • Preparation for ACS CCP status
  • Company Growth through
    • Increased competency in handling product and sales effectiveness leading to increased sales and loss reduction
    • Preparation for cut to order program
    • Competitive advantage
    • Public recognition

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